Are Mobile Companies Ready for the 5G Leap?

The discussion and hype surrounding 5G is greater than anything most mobile companies have experienced. There was little fanfare when 3G speeds were upgraded to 4G and 4G LTE. However, many individuals, businesses and governments are viewing the move to 5G as a groundbreaking revolution that could change the way we consume and transmit data, and use new technologies. But are mobile companies ready for what is to come?

Future is Promising

The potential is there for everyone to see. 5G is said to allow for up to 10 Gbps internet speeds. That means an 8GB movie file is downloaded within seven or eight seconds. On a mobile device! Mobile internet could replace domestic broadband, and it would revolutionize many industries.

There Are Challenges Ahead

But it is not without challenges. Firstly, we must see if items like the rf directional coupler can be significantly improved to meet the requirements of 5G infrastructure. Then companies must spend money on the deployment of a full scale 5G network. The cost will be enormous, and the resources needed may be beyond some providers.

Is It Worth It?

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Mobile companies know they must embrace the future. The speed that 5G could bring would mean a whole new class of service they can offer to residential, commercial, industrial and government clients. The expenditure of rolling out a new network nationwide is extensive, but the profits are worth that investment and effort.

The most important step for mobile companies is to ensure they are working together. Yes, competition will never go away. But companies cannot think that working in isolation is the solution. Shifting to the 5G ecosystem and infrastructure can only be achieved when companies from different areas of the world work together to create a harmonious and coexisting 5G ecosystem that can serve the world’s population.