Rustic Ideas For Remodeling Your Home With Wood Planks

The use of wood will remain popular for many decades to come, of that you can be certain. Of course, for that to remain viable, natural wood plantations need to remain plentiful. Today, there is every chance of that happening because every effort is being made to ensure that new forest plantations do not infringe upon or endanger natural lands. And where original forests are still in existence, every effort is made to preserve its wood and utilize it as sparingly and professionally as possible.

Once wood is stripped to produce natural looking rustic planks, shoots have already been planted elsewhere to keep this productive process in effect. Speaking of which, what could be more authentic and beautiful than using bare wood to remodel your home. Later on, you can always coat it with a good, organic lacquer that continues to display elements of nature within and through the wood. Nevertheless, many urban and sparsely furnished modern apartments are leaving the wood bare, just so.

rustic planks

Nothing more than one or two good quality imported Persian rugs need to coat this bare surface. And as you may have gathered so far, the decorative use of rustic planks is mainly being applied to floors. But why not to walls and doors as well. Rustic boards are perfect for urban lofts where a functional staircase needs to be in place to reach this space’s bedroom space. In suburban neighborhoods, this wood’s use would also be perfect for a patio or veranda strip, giving the homeowner and his or her guests a sense of the old countryside that one rarely gets a chance to visit these days.

If you can make it that far with extravagance, then you can also apply good, solid oak for your remodeling ideas.