Barbed Wire Use Has A Long History

security barbed wire

If Alexander the Great was not half as mad as he was alleged to have been, perhaps he would have used this tool. Indeed, the great Roman Emperor, Caesar, would probably have gone along with it once he discovered just how effective security barbed wire would be as a good defense mechanism. But barbed wire wasn’t invented until many centuries later. At that time, it was one of the many roving pioneers who wished to securely stake his claim on a plot of land that he had earmarked for himself over the great prairie plains.

Not for nothing were the vast lands that surrounded this pioneer’s claim called the Wild West. He was always surrounded by marauding cattle raiders of all hues, criminal or indigenous. And let us not forget the wild animals that roamed the plains. The majestic buffalo had to be kept at bay. More importantly, hungry prowling predators had to be kept far from the corralled stock. Years later, the use of security barbed wire has become an acceptable practice for all those who own vast tracts of agricultural or industrial land.

Let’s face it, if the US Military and most federal and state law enforcement agencies are comfortable with the use of barbed wire as a physical and visible security measure, then so should you be. The use of barbed wire around incarceration or rehabilitation centers does remind us of more unfortunate periods in our recent history. Long before the Second World War, the world’s first concentration camps on an entirely different continent were barricaded with barbed wire.

But today, it is good to barricade yourself and your premises and all that it holds. It keeps you and your property safe from today’s marauding predators and criminals.